Become a volunteer firefighter today!

FILL IT OUT! Complete the PVFD Member Application. Find it HERE.

DROP IT OFF! Return the completed application to the Ponder Fire  Station at 102 E Bailey Street.

SHOW UP! Begin attending the PVFD meetings and trainings immediately. Meetings are held every Tuesday at the Ponder Fire Station.


Give back to your community, learn valuable skills, create lifelong relationships, make a difference in someone's life. 



Making a difference in someone's life, possibly saving a life!

Being part of  and helping your community!

In House Training

    Provided on scheduled Tuesday meetings

    Cover a variety of Emergency service topics in Rescue, Fire, and EMS

Outside Training

     Local fire department training

     TEEX Area Schools

     TEEX Annual Schools

     Online Schools

     Emergency Medical Service Training (EMT-B and EMT-P)


    Uniforms Provided

    Accident and Sickness Insurance

    Workers Compensation Insurance

    AirEvac Membership

    Live Firefighting, Rescue, and EMS Experience

    Membership in State Firefighters and Fire Marshal Association (SFFMA)

     SFFMA certifications upon completion of required training/testing