Mission Statement

The Ponder Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated, a charitable and non profit organization, exists to provide a professional level of fire safety, life safety, and first responder emergency medical services to the people and property within the Ponder Volunteer Fire Department response area, to prevent or minimize pain, suffering, or loss of life, and property.

This will be accomplished through the utilization of our members with aggressive training and modern equipment and a mutual aid cooperative agreement with neighboring departments in order to provide the highest quality of service and commitment toward excellence.

Department Profile

Ponder Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1937 by residents of the Town of Ponder. The department started with 1 truck and a couple of dedicated members, and has grown to 7 trucks and 20+ active members now. We strive through fundraising efforts to provide our members with modern equipment and training to provide the best possible service to the residents and transients in our district.

Our members are assigned to shifts, which provide our citizens with a quality response, and allows our members to spend some time with their families. We require all members to attend weekly training throughout the year and ask them to give their time to outside training as well.

We currently hold one major fundraiser per year. Frontier Day is held annually during the month of May. Events are planned and ran by our members, the Lady VIPs of Ponder and other local organizations and residents. Thank you to those that support us both monetarily and with your precious gift of time.