January: 43

February: 39 

March: 39

April: 52









YTD: 401

2016 Total: 405

2015 Total: 475

2014 Total: 430

2013 Total: 463

2012 Total: 439

2011 Total: 406


Howdy Ponder! Hope this find everyone well. We have had some questions about Frontier Day this month. We are still having the BBQ dinner, live and silent auctions at the high school May 20 from 5:00-7:00pm. The activities in the park were initially not going to happen but our understanding is it will. The Lady VIP's are the contact point for that. We did not call it Frontier Day this year as we are not having "frontier activities/theme" as we have in the past. Please remember this is a FUNDRAISER, as we are an ALL VOLUNTEER fire department, and not a community event like Justin Fun Day, Mayfest, etc. If you have any questions what so ever about this year's event or of the past, please do not hesitate to contact  Asst. Chief Andrew Economedes. We have had some wild weather lately and our prayers go out to all those affected in the Canton area. The good Lord has bless us and protected us from the ravages of nature. If you can, get a weather radio and/or a weather app on your phone. When these storms come in the middle of the night, that is the only way you will know it is approaching. Touching on a previous post, PLEASE make sure you have your address clearly visible on your home. If your mailbox is on the opposite side of the road as your residence and there are multiple boxes, we won't know which one is your home. If you live off the road a distance, make sure you give a good description of what to look for to find your drive or to get to your emergency. It gets pretty dark out there at night. We responded to 52 calls this month and your firefighters gave up 75 man hours of their time to answer these calls for help. This is on top of attending weekly training and station duties along with juggling family life. As always, we thank their families for their support and understanding. Take care and God Bless.