January: 54

February: 51

March: 52

April: 45

May:  34









2017 Total: 516

2016 Total: 405

2015 Total: 475

2014 Total: 430

2013 Total: 463

2012 Total: 439

2011 Total: 406


Howdy Ponder! A HUGE THANK YOU to Ponder and all those who made our BBQ dinner and anniversary celebration a GREAT success. We can't give enough Thank You's to all that came and supported us. Congratulations to all the auction and raffle winners. Besides being great fundraising, it is always such fun to hear and see the annual "auction battles". For those who have said they would have come if they knew about it, sorry we missed you. For future reference, we start announcing the event around March via our facebook page, our website, and the five banners placed around town. The Lady VIP's also put it up on their message board that is in front of Deussen Park. Hope to see you next year. We have been seeing questions on local social media regarding burn permits, burn regulations and bonfires. In order to burn brush or wood piles, you will need to get a burn permit. You can get one online-no charge-at the Denton County Fire Marshall website. Then when you are ready to burn, you check the website to see if it is a burn day or you can call them. You will also have to notify them that you are going to be burning that day. The fire must be tended at all times and out by sundown. Mind you, even if you have done EVERYTHING CORRECTLY, if someone is driving down the road and sees smoke, they will more than likely call it in and we will be dispatched due to the caller only giving a general location. When we come out, as long as it is a burn day and you are in compliance, we will bid you good day a leave you to your task. Bonfires-aka recreational burns-are allowed without a permit or calling in. Again, if someone is driving by or someone sees smoke and/or flames, we will more than likely be called out. As long as we see that you aren't trying to skirt the regulations and don't have a "high school type bonfire", we will leave you to enjoy your evening. However, if we are under a BURN BAN, NO burning of any sort or anytime is allowed. If at anytime you have questions regarding such things, PLEASE, PLEASE contact us via facebook, email or phone. There is a lot of false and misinformation that is put on local social media. It is starting to get hot so make sure you stay hydrated with water or electrolyte type drinks. Make sure you don't forget that kids and pets are in your vehicle so a tragedy can be averted. Our responses slowed down a little for a change in May. We responded to 34 incidents and your volunteers gave up 58 man hours to handle these calls. As always we deeply appreciate their dedication and commitment and the understanding of their families. Take care Ponder and God Bless!!