January: 29

February: 39

March: 29

April: 39

May: 29

June: 36

July: 38

August: 31

September: 32

October: 33

November: 29

December: 37

YTD: 401

2015 Total: 475

2014 Total: 430

2013 Total: 463

2012 Total: 439

2011 Total: 406


Howdy Ponder! Happy New Year!! Hope everyone had a blessed and joyous Christmas. As far as I can tell, Ponder had a safe new year. No major accidents, no fires and no serious medical calls. So happy for that. The PVFD ended up the year with a total of 401 calls. Our members dedicated a total of 885 man hours to provide you with fire and EMS services. For those that do not know, not a one of our members is compensated in any form or manner for their services. There is no way to thank our members and their families enough for what they give up on a daily basis for our community. And as more homes are built and more families move in, the number of responses and man hours needed to handle these calls is going to go up. As long as we have the dedicated members we do and any others who wish to join and make that commitment, the PVFD will continue to serve you. I don't think there is any better way to show a sense of community pride than for that community to have and support a volunteer fire department. We had two members who completed their fire and EMS training. Dustin Jeter graduated from the North Central Texas College fire academy and Hunter Ferryman completed his EMT training. CONGRATULATIONS to these two individuals for their hard work and dedication. Both did this while keeping their jobs, family commitments and commitment to the PVFD. With our cold weather months ahead, please be careful with portable heaters and fire places. As we have said before, if you don't have a smoke detector or a carbon monoxide detector PLEASE get one. I am sure we will have an ice incident so be careful with your driving. Remember that the bridges will ice over before the roads. If you see you are coming up to a bridge or overpass, slow down early and brake BEFORE you get on the ice. Carry a blanket, some water and flashlight in your vehicle so if you get stuck you can stay warm, hydrated and be able to signal someone. Also be careful around the house so as not to slip and fall. For December we responded to 37 calls and our members provided 76 man hours to handle these incidents. We give our firefighters the month of December off from training but they still have the weekly station duties and response duties. Take care everyone and God Bless.