January: 29

February: 39

March: 29

April: 39

May: 29

June: 36

July: 38

August: 31

September: 32

October: 33

November: 29



2015 Total: 475

2014 Total: 430

2013 Total: 463

2012 Total: 439

2011 Total: 406


Howdy Ponder! Hope everyone had a blessed and "full filling" Thanksgiving. Well the Christmas season is upon us. With that being said PVFD would like to put some reminders out there for all. KEEP YOUR TREE WATERED!! You would be amazed how fast these things can light off. They are like a HUGE roman candle. Check all your holiday lights making sure there are no exposed wires. If they are outside lights make sure they are rated for the outdoors. Don't overload your outlets and use a surge protector. The Griswalls got lucky they didn't burn down the house. Don't run wires under rugs as the insulation can get worn off from folks walking across them. In the kitchen, be aware of hot liquids on the stove and keep handles turned away so the little ones don't grab it and spill it on themselves. And speaking of little ones, make sure the Christmas toys are age appropriate and have no choking hazards. Fireplaces and wood stoves, hopefully you have had your chimney/flue checked. Check the damper and make sure if is open BEFORE you light a fire. If you don't, you will fill your house with smoke and carbon monoxide. Don't overload your fireplace. It can get too hot and cause a fire. If you don't have one, get a carbon monoxide detector if you have a fireplace, wood stove or gas appliances. If you are using an electric heater, keep it away from combustible items and make sure it has a safety switch that cuts it off if it happens to get tipped over. Be mindful of alcohol consumption and PLEASE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! Keep candles away from curtains and combustible items. Do not go to sleep nor leave the house without putting them out. PVFD wants everyone to have a safe and wonderful holiday season with blessed memories. The PVFD responded to 29 calls along with attending weekly training and station duties. Our members gave up 75 manhours of their time to respond to these calls. As always we are grateful for our dedicated firefighters and their families. MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS!!