January: 34

February: 47

March: 58

April: 48

May:  49

June: 47

July: 64






YTD Total Calls: 

2023 -- est 600

2022 -- 657

2021 -- 581

2020 -- 457*

2019 -- 564

2018 -- 532

2017 -- 516

2016 -- 405

2015 -- 475

2014 -- 430

2013 -- 463


 Hello Ponder! Ya know what? IT IS HOT! With that being said, make sure you take care of yourselves by keeping hydrated and we don't mean with "adult beverages". Welllll maybe when you get home

! Anyway, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and mix in some electrolytes, wear a hat, take breaks and pace yourself. Also take care of your pets making sure there is plenty of water and a place where they can get some shade. If you like to walk your pup, please do so early in the morning or late in the evening. The pavement temps can get up to 120+ degrees.
According to the Texas Forest Service, we will be in this pattern for the coming week or longer. As you all are well aware, the vegetation is EXTREMELY dry! The grass and brush fires that have been happening around our area and state are a testament to it. Any and we mean any small spark or heat source can light off a grass fire and with the winds we have been having, it won't take long for it to get moving. We had one fire that started due to a vehicle with a flat running on its rim causing sparks so please be extra careful and mindful of anything that has the potential to start a fire. We shared a post on our page that explains the fire danger levels so ya'll understand what significance each level is.
School will be starting soon and there will be new traffic patterns due to the expansion of 2449 West of 156. Please be patient and courteous while everyone figures out the traffic flow. Also remember that construction traffic will continue due to the new high school construction.
We had 5 of our members attend the Texas A&M Annual Fire School in College Station. Two (Garrett Cullum and Athenia Green) attend an Incident Safety Officer class, two (Miguel Licea and Robert Mundo) attended a wildland class, and one (Timothy Aja) attended an Ag Rescue class. The cost of the classes was funded by the Texas Forest Service which is a huge help to volunteer departments such as us and others throughout the state. This is the third year in a row that we have had members sacrifice their vacation time to better themselves as individuals and for the department.
We had a busy July and August didn't start off slow either. We are getting better at using our new reporting system so we can now show you the number and type of calls. Hopefully as we learn more, we will be able to provide more data for you.
We had 22 fire calls, 29 EMS calls, 2 hazardous conditon calls, 3 service calls, 7 good intent calls, and 1 false alarm. We provide mutual aid to Krum 3 times, Justin 2, Sanger 1, and Denton 1. We received mutual for 2 calls.
As always, we are deeply thankful of our members and their dedication to the department and community. We are also extremely grateful to their families for their understanding of the sacrifices that are made by them so their loved one can provide the service to our community and neighbors.
Thank you Ponder for your continued support. Take care and God Bless!!