January: 54

February: 51

March: 52

April: 45

May:  34

June: 50

July: 52

August: 43

September: 39

October: 38




2017 Total: 516

2016 Total: 405

2015 Total: 475

2014 Total: 430

2013 Total: 463

2012 Total: 439

2011 Total: 406


Howdy Ponder! Hope all had a fun and spooky Halloween even though the weather didn't cooperate much. Well I guess winter arrived before fall did. With that comes heating our homes and usually an increase of fires. In order to prevent such an event to happen to you, here are a few things to look out for.

If you are using space heaters, make sure they are away from curtains, bed covers, trash cans, piles of clothes and such. Also, make sure the heater has a safety mechanism which will shut if off if it falls over or overheats. Don't leave them on while you are away from your home or if children are home without an adult or at least a responsible sibling. DO NOT use your gas stove, gas grill, charcoal grill or any other fuel powered heater in your home unless it is the furnace that is used for the whole house.  

Carbon Monoxide, which is extremely deadly, can and will accumulate. It is odorless unlike propane or natural gas. If you have a fireplace, wood burning stove or fuel powered furnace, PLEASE make sure you have a CARBON MONOXIDE detector. This is totally different than a smoke detector. These units plug into your wall outlet as carbon monoxide is heavier than air. If you have ANY questions. please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Cooking is also going to be in full swing and on a busier and bigger scale. Prevent burn injuries by keeping pot handles turned where the little ones can't grab them, keep combustible materials away from the stove and oven. If your are doing any turkey frying, make sure you are outside and have a fire extinguisher available. DO NOT USE WATER TO PUT OUT A GREASE FIRE!! If you don't have an extinguisher use BAKING SODA. DO NOT use flour or baking powder. This will cause an explosion. 

Christmas decorations will be going up so check the lights and cords and make sure the critters haven't chewed the plastic off exposing bare wire. Don't run extension cords under the throw rug as constant traffic over the cord can wear a spot off exposing bare wire. Keep Christmas trees watered daily. Don't overload the wall outlets and use power strips for multiple connections. These are much safer than the multi-outlets devices that plug into the outlet.

The wet may come with the cold, so rethink your driving habits. A little bit of ice goes a long way (pun intended)!! When the wind chills are low, make sure you dress accordingly. Be surprised how quickly you can get frost bite or hypothermic. It is a good idea to keep some blankets and snack bars in the car just incase you get stuck somewhere for an extended period of time. Don't forget the cell phone charger either.

If you have any questions about safety during the upcoming holidays or for that matter any time of the year, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you any way we can.

We responded to 38 calls in October and your firefighters gave up 81 man hours to handle these incidents. These man hours do not include the weekly training and station duties. Typically our calls go up during the winter and holidays and your PVFD will be there to handle them. We will not hesitate to leave our celebrations to help those in need and minimize their misfortune as much as possible.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING PONDER!! Take care and God Bless.